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What we do

Connecting the KEY Pillars

It is tough for parents, players and coaches to create strong and successful teamwork. The challenge can be many things, time and availability the most common of enemies. We support the KEY pillars of growth and act as the glue to support, guide and strengthen the high performance process within your team. We help connect all of the moving pieces.


Psychology, biomechanics, nutrition, strength & conditioning, neuroscience and more. There are some deep and complex topics within the world of high performance. Our job is to digest, re-create into easy to understand and useable content. Making complex findings and research available to every single person looking to create high-performance habits and reach their potential on court.

Coaching Frameworks

How can coaching business' offer everything? We've found, they generally can't - For good reasons too! To add all components of training, connecting with parents, creating player pathways, frameworks for their groups and manage the business at the same time... It's a massive challenge! We work with coaching business to build custom solutions that allow you to tick all of the boxes without sacrificing any quality.

Serving person

Custom, one on one, Tailored Coaching is our premium service. We work with our students to refine what they do, how they do it and importantly discover 'why'. The experience is completely tailored to your circumstances and develops (like you) over time. High performance requires a team and we are here to push the limits of what's possible and set a new standard.

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Roger Federer

From Basel To The World

Roger Federer was among his country's top junior tennis players by age 11. He turned pro in 1998, and with his victory at Wimbledon in 2003 he became the first Swiss man to win a Grand Slam singles title.

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Coaching Blueprint

Coaching Blueprint

Working closely with coaches is such a rewarding process. Challenging but so rewarding.

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John McEnroe

John McEnroe - An Icon's Career

John McEnroe is a former tennis champion who earned fame for his graceful play and his temperamental outbursts.

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Tailored coaching

What To Expect with Tailored Coaching

One of our premium services here is Tailored Coaching but...What does it look like?

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Our Founders and Team

Brett Hillier

Brett Hillier

Managing Director & Co Founder

Brett has the desire to 'perfect' the learning experience. This illusive challenge may be futile, though most epic dreams are. It is in the journey towards the dream where the magic happens. To understand the pillars of growth deeper, develop accessible training tools and redefine how coaches, parents and players approach the art of tennis development.

Leon Jakimič

Leon Jakimič

Chairman & Co Founder

Leon is the founder and President of LASVIT. Leon is a member of many eminent professional organizations, including the Hong Kong-Europe Business Council and Young President’s Organization and through LASVIT Foundation, is actively engaged in supporting the less fortunate in the North Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. He is also a keen tennis player.

Prasit Mankad

Prasit Mankad


Prasit has extensive experience delivering large scale and highly complex cloud-based solutions. He's passionate about applied artificial intelligence (data science / machine learning), big data analytics and the democratization of next generation technologies.


The ultimate course for any parent looking to accelerate their learning, support their child better and ultimately give them a better chance at reaching their potential. High performance tennis is not easy, add in the rigors of parenting and day to day life and it becomes even more challenging. We understand the challenges that you are facing as a parent - We created this course for you.

Ultimate Tennis Parent

Coaching Blueprint

Our coaching blueprint program is centered around the coach and coaching business. We work side by side with the coach to tailor business solutions.

Areas that we focus on are;
Elite performance pathways and full scope holistic programs.
Coach education and training support.
Custom solutions based on your needs.

Coaching Solutions

Premium Coaching Service

Tailored coaching is our premium service where we work one on one with each player. That can include players and parents. Our role here is to shape the journey that creates high performance habits.
Shaping your training schedules, designing strength and conditioning programs, tennis specific footwork and more. Your journey is unique to you and on-court training alone is just not enough.

What areas are you focusing on?
Do you have a plan forward towards your short, mid and long term goals?
Do you know what elements within a holistic program should be added?

Our 12 week blocks will slowly introduce changes and resources to key training areas. We can't simply add everything in at once, good change takes time. Time is a crucial ingredient when we are forming high performance habits.

Implementing change and designing your program is where our Tailored Coaching shines - There is nothing more complete and holistic than this.

Tailored Coaching