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Linking the world through world class coaching services, education, coaching tools and resources for coaches, parents and players alike.

We are in constant pursuit of knowledge, refining the art of coaching and linking the world of science in an understandable way. We will leave no stone unturned in our constant search for betterment in the sport with love so much. Lasvit Tennis lives and breathes by our core of; Learn. Teach. Grow.

Coach Brett – Photo Baljit Gidwani

About Us

The beating heart is located in the beautiful region of Liberec, Czech Republic. The Lasvit Tennis vision of leading the world in tennis education and mastery has naturally created the need for an exceptional online platform.

Train With Us

Our tailored coaching is built around your goals as a tennis player. We focus on the areas that make the biggest difference and give you the tools to perform at your best.
From movement and fitness to stroke analysis, tactical training and of course mindset.

Each person has a journey to lead and our job is to be their to support, guide and optimize along the way. Every person has a unique story and a unique tennis journey, that’s exactly what we love about the coaching journey. It is truly personal. We offer detailed technical analysis, match reviews and monthly programs that are periodised and an array of other bespoke services that are tailored to you.

Global Coaching

Our management team is capable of running even the most demanding of facilities. Lasvit Tennis is proud of the way we approach staff training, customer service and community engagement.

Lasvit Tennis has the team to manage facilities globally and undertake projects that require large time commitments. In addition to facility management we offer coaching services across the globe. This premium service provides a private full-time coach for your needs. This can work in two ways. First, in an elite 1-1 training capacity. Targeted at High Level players usually training for or competition on the ATP or WTA circuit. Secondly, we hire out to private families as their personal coach. Duties include coaching, physical training and other health and well-being needs.

Ultimate Tennis Parent

The Lasvit Tennis members only portal will guide you through the entire journey. Parents just starting out to those who coach their child in a full-time capacity. The members only portal will cover enough of the fundamentals to get the basics understood and go deep enough to paint an incredibly profound picture. It is fast becoming a library of sorts for every parent that wants the best for their child.
To those that have found this website, I wish you every success on your journey with your child and with the sport of tennis. It is truly a wonderful sport that can bring about so much joy, challenge and positive influence.

Getting The Most From The Website – Coming Soon

My story (coach Brett), is no different to most children out there doing their best right now. I worked hard, I had supporting parents like you and I wanted to be the best tennis player in the world. I was fortunate to have great coaches yet we still struggled with finding the right path. Coaches are busy. They are doing what they do and that pays their bills. As a coach, I was exactly the same. You need to be on court for income but there is so much that you need to discuss with the parents.
For years I attempted to juggle both. Long emails late at night or over the weekends. 2 hour lunch catch up to run through upcoming plans and phone calls on the way to dinner with my family. It is all consuming for coaches and it isn’t easy striking the balance.
Lasvit Tennis was built to bridge this gap. To give parents the tools, insight and resources to learn with a community around them. To have more educated discussions with their coach and to become a truly valuable team member for your child. If you are invested in their growth, this is exactly the place you need to be.

Start by joining our community. Watching our videos and reading our articles. You’re not alone in this journey, myself and the entire team is behind you.

Be sure to drop me a message once you’re in.