High lunges are perfect for stretching our hips and upper quadriceps. Traditionally lunges are done much lower than this but this is on purpose. Tennis players often have issues in the hip/hip flex area and this is a great way to open the front of the hips before practice. 

Stretch, balance, and opening the front of the body. If you are feeling incredibly tight and even if this movement causes pain, please go slow and listen to your body. Pain is a sign that you are overstretching.


To avoid the front of the body creating movement imbalances. Tennis players load the front of their bodies so much. Ready position forces our body to lean towards the front of our feet, our hips shorten as we bend and our range of movement can suffer. The High Lunge opens the mid-section of the body allowing us to balance out the load imbalances.


Before training and playing


Based on feel. We suggest 6-8 repetitions on each side.