Coaching Blueprint

Working closely with coaches is such a rewarding process. Challenging but so rewarding.

Coaching Blueprint

The coaching fraternity are a funny bunch (I'm one so I know!). We are passionate about the sport of tennis, working with motivated players and enjoy (mostly) working outdoors. We are involved in the sport we love and shaping our career within it. There's not so many sports out there that offer the same possibilities. Golf pros experience something similar but it is challenging for coaches to make a career from football, basketball or athletics. It's certainly doable but not at the same capacity as golfing and tennis coaches. We are truly lucky for that.

Once coaches start to get established, we generally feel like things are moving along nicely. A really great hourly rate, kids running around everywhere and all is well. Each term of coaching we start chasing parents. No biggy, next term will be easier. Programs are a little messy, ages and standards all over the place. Next term I can re-shuffle. My elite group have 1 group session per week but I want to share more with them. Guide them more than I can currently. Next term we can add some extra sessions.

These are a few of the challenges that I have personally faced and it took YEARS for me to work it out. I have done coaching courses, worked with great people but struggled in the past to manage many elements of the business. It's not easy. It took many years to break free of that cycle.
Like tennis, tennis coaching has many moving parts.

  1. The coaching and coaching programs
  2. Staff training and recruiting (plus salary and opportunity)
  3. Invoicing
  4. Communicating with parents and guardians
  5. Shaping elite groups
  6. Adding extra programs like 'Mums and Bubs'
  7. Competition on the weekend (should I go both days?)
  8. Relationships with the committee
  9. Contract signing and negotiations
  10. Court maintenance
  11. and quite a few other things

The normal coaching business has 1 main business owner but it's certainly not uncommon to have 2.

Over the last 6 months, I have been working with multiple coaches on shaping better coaching business' and shaping better habits as a coach. These conversations have lead to us creating a Coaching Blueprint program. This article isn't designed to solve solutions, not sure you can from a short article. It is designed to show you the thinking process and planning process that we use.

Our basic steps;

  • Connect and find out more about the coach
  • Understand what is important to them now and moving forward
  • Reviewing everything they do, their programs and the business
  • Create a 12 month roadmap (with clear goals as milestones)
  • Work backwards to here and now
  • Clarify habits and actions to build towards goals
  • Create key resources, a book of sorts (the coaching blueprint)
  • Get to work and methodically make great things happen

This process shapes the following 12 months. Provides clarity about where you are now, where you want to go. Whatever is required to meet your 12 month goals, we make it come to life and in essence build an entire blueprint that is unique to you and your business. It will become your coaching bible.

You don't need us to create change within your coaching business. You could simply follow the above steps and create your own plan. However, to remove most of the guess work, have someone in your corner and outsource the bulk of the time and the heavy lifting, we are here to join you.

For so many years I was too stubborn to ask for help. Only in the last 3-4 years has my ego dissolved enough to feel comfortable asking. It's the first thing I do now. The moment I started asking for help was the time I really started to grow into the coach and business operator I am today. My journey is far from complete and I know it never will be. I hope I can support you and help you avoid many of the pitfalls that I fell head first into.

Email directly or feel free to share with your coaching friends.