Tennis Technology and Lasvit Tennis

A catch up about all things Lasvit Tennis. Brett, our founder shares his journey and plans for moving Lasvit Tennis into the future.

Brett Hillier

Coaching is the art the I love so very much. Creating connections that go deeper than mere interactions. You are sharing in your students dreams, extracting all that you can without tipping the scales and extracting too much. Coaching is slightly different with every athlete we work with. So, how can we create technology solutions that scale globally?

As a company we are striving to connect beautiful technology with the ancient art of coaching. Technology is such a powerful tool that we can all use to enhance the high performance coaching process.

The things we are doing now

Right now we are connecting and coaching athlete's from around the globe. We are connecting key apps (External to LT) together to create a great user experience. We have calendar based training scheduling (including video lessons), video analysis and technical reviews using desktop software and lastly, the brilliant use of Google-Drive folders.

These are powerful ways that each student of ours can, feel like they matter (because they absolutely do), easily access our training tools and resources, plus get additional benefits to their everyday on court training. This technology allows us to better connect and share the coaching experience. It's not perfect but it is very good.

Where we are going

The future is bright with many custom solution to be built within our platform. First we are customising the course experience. All of our course students will have a beautifully designed course platform (in-built within our LT platform), easy to view content and importantly, it will be super fast and responsive. Our course eco-systems are growing by the day and the content a valuable resource for all.

The Market Place is a gamer-changer. Not many times you can, hand on heart, say you are creating an industry giant. Our Market Place and what it will bring to the tennis world is so exciting. We hear the word 'disruptive technology' so often from silicon valley, as a good thing. We believe in something a little different. We believe the best technology doesn't need to disrupt industries, rather, give more people power and the ability to impact the world in their work space. Our global Market Place will do exactly that.

Students across the globe will be able to connect to a coach from their phone, anywhere. Rate the experience and right reviews. Make payment and book additional sessions. Share with your friends and people you care about.

Coaches will be able to connect to students that would be otherwise, outside of their reach. Not just geographically but because of very real language barriers. How can you coach a Chinese student in English or French? Traditionally, you absolutely can't.
That's why technology, when used well can be the greatest connector of all. Our Market Place will transcribe, translate and dub (user decides) coaching comments, video analysis and coaching reports. Our course frameworks will be built for each and every person around the globe. Accessible to all, no matter where you are located or what language you speak. That's right, no matter where your student's are or what language we speak, our technology will translate and connect you. Oh, did we mention, in real time!
Now we have your attention.

Once we launch our Market Place, it is time to launch another game-changing product. This product will enhance the way you see the return of serve, make better decisions and do it all from your phone.

Yes, it does sound to good to be true and we are still surprised it's possible. Brain training is not a new concept, however, decision training from your phone for tennis, is!
We are building an APP with partners, De Cervo, that will allow you to customise your decision training. The mathematics and software calculate your current level, upload a custom training plan within the APP, assess each and every action you make and adapt the training based on your user (playing) feedback. The more you train in the APP, the more custom you decision training becomes. This feedback loop within the APP enhances what you see on court and increases the quality of decisions you make. A Simple and powerful combination of technology training the mind to think and react faster on court. Yep - WOW!

A fair while after (this one will take us years), we will develop an AI Tennis coach. Not like anything else you have seen. The AI 'coaches' that are in the market are more statistics based. Where you hit, how the ball travels, in and out, etc. Our AI will be developing it's neural web to understand technique, tactics, training loads, drills and packaging the entire process together. The teams job is to create a complex blueprint that allows this AI to grow into a super coach.

Why is this such a powerful tool?

Tennis coaching is a challenging sport. There are so many moving pieces within the training structure and is very susceptible to making mistakes. It is all part of the process, however, how much more high performance can we bring to each athlete when we no longer make these mistakes. Or at the very least, reduce them drastically.
Give players tools to correct poor technique that would otherwise lead to injury. Create footwork that not only makes the player faster, but less open to injury and burnout. Monitor the child's training load and has alerts built in, avoiding burn out and hatred for the sport at maximising performance the entire time.

The combination of expert coaching (technology is nothing without it) and brilliant, beautiful and simple user experiences will lead to an incredible coaching experience. As technology advances, as our understanding of high performance training grows, we are becoming more capable at connecting the world of technology with the complex world of high performance training. We will make many mistakes along the way and require much refinement. That's ok. We love coaching and we love finding solutions to big problems.

I am excited to be starting this journey with you, our readers and followers, plus shape the future of e-learning, tennis and education as a whole.

If you would like to connect, please contact me directly: