Ultimate Tennis Parent

Ultimate Tennis Parent

An entire ecosystem dedicated to every tennis parent. Tools, resources and a professional team for support. Thousands of hours of content planned to make you the ultimate tennis parent.

Better Understand Your Child

Raising children is challenging, add an aspiring tennis player in the mix and the complexity doubles. Understanding your child better is the first step to making progress in any direction. How to start the process? Work through challenges and find a way to connect with your child deeper. Between the ages of 8 and 18, your child will go through many changes. How will you, as a parent, navigate these years?

Navigating the ever changing years from 8-18, 18-22 and then 22+ is a beautiful challenge. There is no one way or right way, just a better framework and foundation. Reaching tennis goals is a long term process and the parent child relationship is at the core of that. Knowing your child better, understanding their needs more and creating a stronger team (you and them) is crucial.

Pursuing a life in tennis can be one of the greatest shared journeys between and parent and a child, it can be the most toxic. The tools, classes and modules are all shaped to bring the best out of you and your child.


Better Communication

Communicate more effectively with your child, understand their needs and feelings better. Your relationship will change over time and so will your communication needs. Our UTP platform will help navigate this challenging skill and allow you to connect with your child better than ever.
Essentially learning how to talk so your child will listen and listen so your child will talk.

Communication is the key that opens doors, or if used in correctly, keeps doors closed. Our module on communication will guide you to communicate with real intention and allow you to shape the conversation in the most positive way.

Better communication

Workbooks & Resources

Tools, workbooks and resources to take your learning and apply it in the real world. Education is great but it needs to be applied in the real world. We have created workbooks, tools and other resources to bridge the gap from learning to applying. Our main workbook spans across 100 days (to form stronger habits), our tools range from load management, understanding growth mindset and how to manage feedback from your child. Over time, each module will be condensed into a chapter overview, cumulating in a book towards the end of 2021. This of course will be available to all of our Ultimate Tennis Parents

Workbooks and resources

Performance Mindset

Creating a mindset for you and your child that is designed for high performance. In tennis and in the rest of life. Shaping a performance mindset is the first step.

Mindset is so often talked about as the most important element in any high performance pursuit. The thing we don't often here is; What can we do daily to make it stronger? How can we do it? How long will it take?
Our modules are broken down into bite sized chunks so you can develop these skills over time and bring high performance habits into you and your child's world. There really are the right and wrong ways to approach high performance thinking - It's not something you should ever leave to chance.

Performance Mindset

Sneak Peek

A sneak peek at a few of our videos. We will continue to expand and grow each and every module. It really is the platform that keeps on giving.

Trailer UTP

Some of the fun we have within the platform and throughout the weeks ahead! We're ready to share, teach and learn with all of our parents. We will be exploring so many topics that each parent is truly getting a master class in the world of tennis. We're not sure any platform dedicates this much information, energy and resources to parents around the world. We are so proud to share our modules week by week with you.

UTP Overview

Brief overview of all things Ultimate Tennis Parent - What the platform is, what's on offer and the breakdown of our topics.

Neural Plasticity with Dr Andrew Huberman

Dr Andrew Huberman explores, in depth, the inner workings of neural plasticity.

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